i’m back!

Hey! Long time no see, or something like that. I apologize for my random seven-month absence – I don’t ever think I’ve had a writer’s block for so long before! Oh well, life goes on.

Well, it pretty much goes without saying, but a LOT has happened since I last updated! Like, a lot. Like, we finished staffing the DTS lecture phase, I led a global outreach to Mexico, our DTS students have graduated, I moved, and I have new summer plans.

A lot!

So, in order to not awkwardly bombard you with a million and one stories, I’ve got a series for you.

I know – I feel real fancy. Who writes series?

I guess I do.

Try new things every day, man!

Let’s take a trip to Cancun, Mexico tomorrow then, eh? That’s where one of my favorite stories take place, and that’s where we’ll start our series. Plus they have some pretty rad beaches that you should totally check out; but that’s just a side note.

Stay tuned!


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