beauty & bravery

What do you get when you cross cliff-jumping, worship, crazy games, piercings, painting, too much coffee and 47 people in one house?

You get one heckuva DTS. And it unofficially starts today.

I am so dang excited.

DTS Staff Training wrapped up yesterday after weeks of painting, cleaning and decorating the house, team bonding, spontaneous adventures (see first paragraph for a VERY small sampling), and prepping for the new school. It’s been so incredibly wonderful.

Our first student arrived earlier this morning, and they’ve been coming in a steady stream since then. And I can’t help but get all giggly about how excited I am, because I know they’re about to experience an amazing, radical, and beautiful unfolding. An adventure and transformation beyond belief.

When we prayed for this school, God told us that some themes for them would be freedom and peace, and that these students were warriors. Like how cool is that?! I can’t wait to see that come into play. So please pray for those things!

Also, please pray for us to be continually filled (with energy, because we’re already sleep-deprived, haha; and also with the Spirit). And pray for boldness as well! That’s an area God is really challenging me in, and I’m so grateful; he is already growing me TREMENDOUSLY in that area. I am learning to speak out–to be a bold voice of truth and to be obedient to Jesus whenever he asks me to speak. I’m excited to see where this journey in bravery is going. Very nervous, definitely. But totally stoked.

Thank you all so much for your support; for following my journey, partnering in finances, and praying with me. There is so much beauty in it all.

Holla at amazing stories and amazing people. And holla at my Jesus who made it all.


4 thoughts on “beauty & bravery

  1. You are so amazing! I love catching the glimpses of our Heavenly Fathers effects on you, and how you reveal them.

    Praying for that much needed energy, and that you would continue to be filled and moved by the Holy Spirit in ways that amaze you beyond any imagination.

    I love sweetheart!!!

    – Daddy

  2. I LOVE to hear your growth, I cry, am super happy and one proud mama!! Love you sweetheart, praying for you, your staff and students. Can’t wait to see how God works again and again.

  3. You are such an encouragement Keish! I seriously LOVE hearing the amazing adventure God is taking you on and the crazy, awesome ways He is constantly at work in all of our lives!!! Ahhhh so stoked for you. Thanks for the awesome updates 🙂 Praying for you and your team!

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