I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a huge fan of surprises. Surprise parties, surprise letters, surprise everything. Maybe not surprise pop quizzes. Let’s not get crazy.

Surprises are funny things.

I’ve been in back in Wisconsin with YWAM Madison for a week now for new staff training. If you told me last fall that I’d be back here again as staff, I would have laughed the most ridiculous laugh you had ever heard in your life. God never ceases to surprise me with where He takes me next.

And He’s proven that to me once again this week.

Because He hit me with another surprise the other day. At first, I practically begged Him, “No, please take it back!” when He showed me. And then I realized…you know what? This is going to be really stinking cool.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am doing full-time ministry with YWAM.

The plan before I arrived here was to staff this fall’s DTS, come home for the spring and summer, and return to staff the fall DTS in 2015. But now the plans have changed, and I’ll  be living full-time in Madison for two years as base staff.

Adventures with Jesus are never dull, y’all.

I have insecurities about this new commitment. I’m the youngest full-time staff member. I don’t feel ready to live here for so long. I’ll miss my family and friends back in the west tremendously. But I am beyond elated for whatever’s in store. It amazes me how when God calls you somewhere, He doesn’t just give you the grace to endure it, but to enjoy it. And if you ask, He gives you a heart for the things that are on his own heart.

That is something beautiful.

I will be getting a new YWAM email address soon, so if you want, you can contact me and we can have a conversation about my journey or about anything else on your heart. I would love that to no end.

I pray that God surprises you this week with the amazing plans and dreams He has for you. They’re always always always good. Let yourself be taken by a wildly wonderful Father who loves you more bravely and tenderly than He loves anything in this whole wide world.


3 thoughts on “surprise!

  1. I just LOVE your enthusiasm for the Lord’s plans!! So much of the time, we cringe at what God may have for us next! But you embraced it with open arms! I am just so happy to hear that you are being obedient to what God has for you! It melts my heart! And for your mom, Jodi, you must be so so proud of the girl you raised!

  2. I had the same initial thought! But, you are right, God’s plans for us are always good and right :-). Love you so much ❤

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