ten days, ten things

So, yesterday marked only ten days until I leave for Wisconsin! Wait, what? Shoot, maybe I should start packing.


Really, I can’t wait. I’m not sure if it’s even possible for me to be more excited. There’s so much to look forward to! I know God’s got some cool stuff prepared for this year.

So since yesterday’s countdown was at ten, I thought I’d make a list of ten random things about this next season. Partially because I like making lists for fun, and partially because I thought you might like to hear. Enjoy!

  1. Wisconsin is cold. Like, really cold. So cold that when I poured milk into my cereal one morning, it froze instantly. And when I went outside to spend some one-on-one time with Jesus, my hair froze. I thought I heard wind chimes, but it was really just sections of my hair clinking together as I walked. It’s a crazy life out there in the frozen arctic tundra.
  2. This might be a while. Eight months, to be exact. I begin my time in Wisconsin with new staff training for the month of August. Next is DTS staff training through the middle of September. Then I’ll be staffing the lecture phase from mid-September to December, leading a global outreach from January to the end of February, and going on a stateside tour in March. It’ll be a whirlwind eight months. Perfect.
  3. It’ll be a mystery. I have no idea which nation(s) I’ll wind up in for outreach. I think that’s all part of the fun, seeing how God will surprise me with that!
  4. The cheese is definitely hyped-up. Maybe it’s just me. When I first had Wisconsin cheese, I was expecting a wild, life-changing, mind-blowing experience. Do you know what it tasted like? Normal cheese. So sad. At least the cheese hats look really cool, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  5. We love it when you pray for us! It gets us pumped, because we know that God really does act on our prayers. And we love seeing Him move. Please pray a) for really great, strong relationships to be built, b) against a spirit of comparison and isolation, and c) for amazing revelation about and intimacy with our Father! Please also be praying whatever God lays on your heart for us. It means the absolute world.
  6. We crave justice. And mercy. That’s why two of this fall’s DTS focuses are Rescue Ops and Children at Risk. We have a heart for child soldiers, people in poverty, sex slaves, traffickers, street kids, refugees, drug addicts, orphans. We want to see them delighting in the freedom of Jesus! God and people–these ignite us. These are our common passions.
  7. It’s like Nebraska up in here. Or Iowa. Take your pick. Seriously, there’s so much corn. The place we live during the lecture phase is just outside of Madison, in the middle of these random cornfields. I’ve never seen so much corn in my life. And when they cut down all the stalks in winter, everything around you is so…flat. On the off-chance that you ever drive over a hill, it suddenly feels like a roller coaster. It’s fantastic. You don’t even have to pay theme park admission.
  8. It’s all about the 3 C’s. That’s Custard & Cheese Curds. I know I said that Wisconsin cheese wasn’t all that amazing. But the cheese curds…those are the bomb. Plus the frozen custard… These will be my undoing. This is not a joke.
  9. YWAM also stands for Youth Without Any Money. Just kidding! Kind of. I didn’t fully realize this until one day when I found out I could only afford to pay for two items at the Dollar Tree in Madison. Oops. But the funny thing is, it is so worth it! I really don’t mind not having much money if what I get instead is a life rich with the Lord’s presence and an incredible family. Those things are far more beautiful.
  10. Let’s talk! Admittedly, my communication skills are not the greatest. Especially if you try to contact me by phone (everyone who ever tried texting me is rolling their eyes right now as they read this…hahaha). But I’d really love to connect with you. FaceTime, email (keisha@ywammadison.org), snail mail, direct message…whatever. I absolutely love (LOVE!) to hear from people about what’s going on in their lives, and I love to answer people’s questions. So please never hesitate! I probably really like you, anyway.

2 thoughts on “ten days, ten things

  1. Ok, that just got so real! Love you so much sweetheart, and I love love how God has worked in your life and continues to work. I love that you are following, no chasing Him with all your heart. Go change the world, one person at a time. Love you and praying for you. ❤

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