for the love of God!


That’s how many days left until I resume my adventure in Madison. Yeah, I have a countdown. You could say I’m excited.

In the meantime, though, God has really given me the grace to enjoy life here, and to find lots of time to spend with Him. I dig it. One thing He’s been showing me is what a perfect lover He is. Like seriously! I’ve just been musing about that, and it’s incredible. He loves me so much. And He’s so good at it, too!

He takes me on adventures.

He’s exciting.

He protects me.

He’s passionate.

He’s goofy.

He writes me love letters.

He’s a warrior.

He loves kids.

He’s trustworthy.

Really, though, how could I ever ask for anything more?! And all that is only the tip of the iceberg! One of my favorite things that we do together is dance. I love that, when He dances with me–slow dancing, and especially awkward dancing. It cracks me up! What better lover is there? Like, I don’t know about y’all, but I was “that one kid” in middle school who always daydreamed about what my future husband would be like. I would constantly run into my room after school, shut the door, and hunker over the worn piece of binder paper containing the list of what I was “looking for” so I could revise it with my newest ideas. Thankfully, that awkward middle school stage is over. But now I realize that Jesus is all that and more.

So, you up for a challenge? I challenge you to think right now about all the ways God has been showing his love to you. Think about how He views you, and how He calls to you.

“My Love.” “My Child.” “My Crowning Jewel.” “My Son.”

He is so affectionate toward you. He is so jealous for you. He wants all of you. He looks upon you with his kind, loving eyes. He’s the perfect Lover.


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